Hello everyone! I am happy to share with you how the development of the game is going. This will be an incredible experience.


Finally, soon to the end date, we are ALMOST on time! A couple of fast meetings and changes that worked are a good  thing.


Every change seems to be working, not that we are now on the track as we should but the changes where good.


Very hard hit to the development, a late, very late realization, its time to adjust heavily if we want to move forward. On the other hand, animation needs adjustments too. Programming some more deep into the code. We will make it, we just need to focus some more.


Where is the game right now? 

The engine is 93% / The arts are 80% / The characters at 60%  / Music to 75% / Menus to 70%  / Selection of visual effects to 20% / Levels are 40% 

The goal is getting closer! 

I present one of the first BOSSES, The ChupaCabra, will be like our CID of Final Fantasy ehehe

23-July-2017: Last update to the engine, now we have to implement it and make an incredibly long but organized development list.
I’ll see if I get the juice out of Microsoft Visual Studio or if it blows me crazy I pass to Mono or another IDE.
The graphical section goes to a good rhythm, but we do not know yet, which will be the definitive sprites animation tool.

July 17, 2017