Hello everyone! I am happy to share with you how the development of the game is going. This will be an incredible experience.


Here we are… I have no words but thanks! LETS DO THIS!


Wow WHAT A ROLLER COASTER THIS DEVELOPMENT HAVE BEEN! an incredible amazing experience. A lot of Silence? Well when you are a quite small team like this one you have very little time. Well THE GAME GOES OUT TOMORROW. Thanks, really, THANKS TO ALL! 

Aldo “Arcanebits Alain”

Lead Programer and CEO, MultitoolStudios


Those moments when you see the finish line, but you are exhausted, mentally and physically, things look very good, but fatigue is such that the joys are short. But there we go


These are patriotic days, quite irregular, the tests have been carried out at the expected height, we must not disappoint and we must continue.


There are no parties for anyone here, we must avoid delaying, this becomes difficult


Menues giving problems, animations giving problems, I forgot to schedule today, maybe the gods of the code are angry with me


One never stops learning, despite programming for more than 25 years there are new tricks that do not cease to amaze me, I must use a couple of them and speed things up


The testers have hit hard, it’s amazing the difference between a controlled environment and the variety of equipment out there. Adjusting and repairing.


Finally, soon to the end date, we are ALMOST on time! A couple of fast meetings and changes that worked are a good  thing.


Every change seems to be working, not that we are now on the track as we should but the changes where good.


Very hard hit to the development, a late, very late realization, its time to adjust heavily if we want to move forward. On the other hand, animation needs adjustments too. Programming some more deep into the code. We will make it, we just need to focus some more.

02-August-2017:  Last days I had a really serious headaches trying to solve an issue with our parallax, I need a much more efficient way to manage them, and I thing I have found that way, implementing now.

Also, Art Department placed HOLD on  giving me more animations because they are late, and they will refocus into going back to an OK schedule before animating again, they will have it in about two days.

Our Digital Painter Guy No 1 make a good one delivering FAST and nice his doings, what he doesn’t know is that I will put him some more TONS of work hahahahaa

23-July-2017: Last update to the engine, now we have to implement it and make an incredibly long but organized development list.

I’ll see if I get the juice out of Microsoft Visual Studio or if it blows me crazy I pass to Mono or another IDE.

The graphical section goes to a good rhythm, but we do not know yet, which will be the definitive sprites animation tool.

July 17, 2017