Hill Quest is a game developed under a somewhat different business philosophy and scheme, we like to think that it offers much more and that it returns to the good practices of #GoodGuysGameDevelopers

The game itself is a platformer that has jumps, shots, platforms that move, traps, distance and melee enemies, search for keys, complete levels of diving and jetpack, curious facts of the universe, crowned with a story complex that opens the doors to a multiverse that pretends to be very immersive and entertaining.

The studio is small, quite small, but that did not stop him from developing a quality game and sticking to a philosophy that will give more to his players. Each game also promises within its multiverse a comic and an animated short, creating a total of 3 universes. The intention of this is to give more, and expand from the beginning what we say will be a franchise totally guided by the fans. On top of all this, the promise of not falling into the bad practices that are destroying the video game world.

Here is the link for the game in Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/773610/?l=spanish