Hill Quest, The Beginning is a 2D platform game that has a complex and intriguing storyline, gameplay focused on being fast and fun, a bit twisted mood, very sticky music, multiple skills and achievements. From day one it has been designed to be a new, fresh franchise and we repeat FUN.

You are Hill, the only daughter of a Genetics Specialist who is in his way to change the course of humanity with scientific advances several steps higher than normal, thanks to the “special” collaboration *someone* have given to him.

Your mother *died* when you were born, but your father raised you well, he may have pushed it a little bit too much because he prepare you well for catastrophic events and use of strength and speed as survival tools.

He worked hard to prepare you for a very tough world out there. But everything said, you are an regular girl your age, smart, pretty, strong, fast, polyglot … but normal.

On your 21st birthday, everything normal in your life will stop being that way. Everything you thought was one way, is wrong or altered, you new enemies don’t give you many choices but to fight…

Despite being a small team, we managed to work hard and hire mercenaries to deliver you a game with triple-a quality and indie freedom, gamers deserve a different and funny franchise and this is what promises Hill-Quest, Cheers!

Aldo Arcanebits Alain

CEO Multitool Studios

Creators of Hill-Quest